10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Chris taylor says:

    Have brother and sister Kunes.I bought them so they would not be food.Would you be interested in taking them?The sow would make a good breeder,she is very sweet and beautiful! I am to busy to give them a good home.They are two years old and the boar is fixed. Thank you


  2. horsegirlonajourney says:

    Hi Chris, thank you for inquiring. Our space is already full and we are not accepting more pigs. However! There are sanctuaries around the U.S. that sometimes take pigs. You might also contact people who have orchards — Kunekune pigs are wonderful for grazing down the weeds and eating the fallen fruit and keeping orchards healthy.


  3. Lynnette says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you have any female piglets, no wattles available for adoption? My son has finally decided he’s ready to love another pig after loosing our Muddy over a month ago.


    • horsegirlonajourney says:

      We do not currently have any piglets! We will announce when the next litter arrives – it does not appear to be as soon as we hoped. We are sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck in finding your next family pig. ❤️💔❤️


  4. Cherry Focht says:

    I am interested in taking the Kunes. My husband and I want them for pets and breeding stock, not food. We have 5 acres in Silver Springs, NV.


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