The piglets’ first birthday

We were delighted to hear from Lisa, who purchased three of our piglets last year, on the occasion of the piglets’ first birthday:

Here they are at their birthday party. Banana Peanut Butter cupcakes, yogurt frosting, and a scoop of yellow watermelon on the side. They thought they were in heaven!

These darlings bring joy to my every day! They are incredibly sweet and cuddly, (unless you have something to eat in your pocket when they revert to their piggish behavior). A steady stream of visitors come by to visit them. I am not foolish enough to think they are coming to see me! We love them so very much and remain ever grateful to you!

You may remember that Eloise was the biggest of the piglets, seeing to it that she always got her share. She is still pretty good at that. In the beginning, you had told me that females tended to be all about business and indeed she is -the business of getting her needs met! Finnegan, first born and the smallest. Until recently, he was the scrappiest and had the other two buffaloed into thinking he was a tough guy but now they seem to be pretty equally matched in their ability to push to the celery branch. Alexander Hamilton, the one with the beautiful brown eyes, was the most verbal as a youngun but now they are all equally vociferous. Finnegan certainly has the greatest range to his voice, from the highest pitched little squeals to the loudest most indignant objections. They are growing beautifully, all very similar in size. Their house got a recent little makeover; no longer worried about a coyote taking one on, i removed the outer wire from their wrap-around porch and we painted it raspberry -their favorite food.

Eloise, Finnegan, and Alexander Hamilton 1 year old! they are loved by all!

Kunekune piglets are developing their personalities (or should that be, pigletnalities?)

At just about two weeks old, the Kunekune piglets are running around, playing, learning socialization behaviors, beginning to nibble on straw, and growing so fast that you can almost see it every time they nap. They are starting to show their individual characters, too. Tootsie is affectionate, Skittles is curious, Starburst is independent…and they’re all bright and cute and very much enjoying the process of discovering their world.