Daisy and Poppy sit and wait for their treat

Such polite little pigs!

Daisy and Poppy have learned the command “sit.” Their bottoms go down, their noses come up, and after a brief interval, they get a piece of carrot or apple or other delicious treat.

This is a great behavior to train your pig to do as it engages their mind while also making it easier on you to feed, clean, and interact with them. Pigs aren’t as inclined to jump up to greet people as puppies are, but they do get excited to see you, and you’re not likely to accidentally trip over your pig if she’s sitting for a moment while you get situated.

Piglet family at 5 weeks of age

Maybelline’s piglets are eating solid food now and mimicking their mama in every way, from grazing on the hay to cooling off in the pool. They love people and will even get up from a nap to come over and greet you. They enjoy being scratched, especially behind their ears, and they will flop happily on their sides to make it easier for you to rub their bellies.

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Maybelline moves into the nursery

With piglets due on June 28, it was time for Maybelline to move into the nursery — her very own stall and paddock with all the modern conveniences for expectant and nursing mothers.

Maybelline and Erin in the nursery

The stall is bedded with straw and equipped with a heat lamp to keep the piglets warm on cool nights. The outdoor paddock provides Maybelline with room to exercise and includes a water mister and baby pool for cooling off in a hot afternoon. A barrier between the stall and the paddock ensures that the piglets do not go outside until they are big enough to enjoy the privilege.

The mini donkeys and pony are curious about their new neighbor.